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Adriz Alejos
3 min readJul 5, 2019

Among the tasks that we share as human beings, buying food is the one we can not stop doing it and not all of us like it.

ABC market is a luxury supermarket that is always taking care of its customers with the best service and the best products in its physical spaces around Spain. Wanting to transfer this experience to the online channel, they request us a medium that will generate value to existing customers and attract new users to expand their sales.

Given this approach my team and I have started to investigate, to talk with our users, with people from 20 to 80 years, to study the market and our competitors both direct and indirect and we learned that 60% of users struggle to deal with the time of the purchase in their week and often they forget something that they should’ve bough. Of this percentage, 55% use lists to save time making the purchase and avoid forgetting.

Having a weekly purchase frequency of 80% of the users, we asked them if they bought online and although not many have the habit, most are interested in saving the trip to the supermarket, especially for the effort of bringing the purchases back home .

“Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves”. — Lord Chesterfield

All these results led to the creation of a website like all of our major competitors with a search by product categories but with the difference to solve the problem of lack of time and forgetfulness, we integrated a special section for the purchase by lists.

Within lists, we develop several options thinking about the different ways that you can make a shopping list, some add items on the day and they write it on a word page at work or in the notes of another device like a phone or a tablet, all these options are importable in the web so you can save yourself from writing it again. All the lists you save can be edited and reused.

You can also explore our recipes of dishes that you can try or that you always make and add the ingredients to the cart directly for the proportion of people you need.

And if you want to create a list from scratch, you have a search engine for multiple products that allows you to place your entire list and looks for possible options in that category, while more details of the product you place, such as the brand, the easier it will be to import products directly in your shopping cart.

In next steps we will develop a widget that you can have in your computer desktop or initial screen of your mobile for easy instant aggregation of products in pre-existing lists, as well as the programming of usual items in your cart such as the milk you always buy or the bread of certain brand that is your preference.

The list function is designed to make the task of purchase more simplified and so you do not forget anything. Giving added value to loyal customers and attracting new ones that only buy online.



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