Mindset, an app to establish the habit of mindfulness…

Adriz Alejos
3 min readJul 5, 2019

We all live a busy life, wanting to reach beyond what we can really cover, creating unnecessary needs. If we pay more attention in each thing we do we will do it faster and more efficiently.

Wherever I am, there I am entirely — Eckhart Tolle

With so much hustle and bustle, we asked what people do to manage stress?they all answered that they look for an escape route, whether smoking, exercising, walking, concentrating on another task, all to avoid that feeling that overcomes us. Very few know meditation as a relaxation technique, among those who know, 70% say they need a certain time and space for the practice and they have a hard time concentrating and they abandon in a short time. This raises a question:

How to train the habit of meditation?

A solution that you can have at your fingertips at any time, with features for all kinds of moments and reminders of the continuity of the practice, that is how Mindset was born.

An app with challenges and rewards that will encourage you to practice every day and to create the habit you need to improve your concentration and better stress management.

Mindset will help you change your way of thinking and observe your thoughts with varied and short challenges that you can perform anywhere and even customised according to the circumstances.

You can customised your meditation as much as you want, the background sound, the gender of the voice that guides you, the subject of meditation, even the scenario where you want it to unfold.

You have a section of challenges where different types of meditation are presented, with different times of duration and training the mind in different levels. When completing challenges you will get tokes, our digital currency, which you can exchange for discounts in our store of products related to the practice.

In the store you will find all the necessary accessories to navigate more deeply in the practice of meditation, such as zafus to sit, stools, lamps, incense, bowls, guided meditations, books and much more …

Mindset challenges you, reminds you and rewards you for your daily practice. Reinforce your habit and earn discounts to deepen and become an expert in the art of serenity.



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