Sexsi: Say yes to sex!

Adriz Alejos
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An app for self erotism and play as a couple.

Sex has always been a subject for some uncomfortable or shameful to talk, there are many taboos and social restrictions that have us accustomed to keep our sex life a secret, however within the research I found that even though 78% of the respondents do not feel comfortable talking about sex, in Spain during 2018, it came to billing around 500 million euros in the legal erotic industry, in this figure would enter both sex toys and subscriptions on porn websites.

Of this 78%, 55% of respondents had stable partners, who expressed the need to experiment, mostly to play on special occasions.

“Sometimes we can fall into sexual monotony, lack of communication with my partner or excessive information on the web that overwhelms me and I do not see myself reflected in many of the recommendations, which does not really inspire me “

This is what Carlos, of 40 years old, who has been with his partner for 7 years says, which raises our first challenge:

How to break the sexual monotony in couples who have been together for a while?

But before solving this problem, the surveys give me an interesting fact: 13% of the respondents have never masturbated or do not like doing it. Many studies confirm that self-knowledge helps to have a better intimate relationships as a couple, in addition to having health benefits and better the mood of each individual. The main causes for which they have no interest are mainly taboos and difficulties in reaching the climax.

“I have tried a couple of times in my life against my beliefs because I have always been told that it was something I should not do, however I am very curious to know that many people enjoy it and I can not …”

She is Victoria, a 55-year-old married woman with 2 children who tries to improve her intimate relationship with her husband and is curious to know herself and does not know how to explore herself, which leads to a second challenge:

How to break away from sexual taboos and lack of self-knowledge?

It is a problem which many people can feel identified, more than those who are willing to admit it. It is from this need, that this app is born: sexsi, say yes to sex!

Prototipo de sexsi

Sexsi is as much for Carlos as Victoria, it is a clear and instructive app where you can play, get inspired and learn new techniques to have satisfying intimate relationships and always be satisfy.

Because sex must be enjoyed and every time with less taboos, even if we talk about it or not, sexsi privately offers you the option to personalise your tastes, preferences, sassiness and fantasies, being able to offer you material to investigate sexual themes at various levels of intensity, with the opportunity to link your preferences with those of your partner privately for both and customise the games and recommended products accordingly.

All the content is free, together in a clean manner, with white as the predominant color, to transmit transparency, guide and normalise the sexual act and conversation, with ourselves and with our partner.


The NavBar have 5 sections.

sexsi navbar

Sexsi would be our dashboard with our progress within the app, the level of sassiness, favourites, level of practice, a direct access to the game roulette and a recommended product from our store according to your preferences.

In the section of Couples we will find 3 options to play as a couple, depending on the level of intimacy and experiences you want to try.

Exploration games, works at random in the form of roulette to turn and surprise you, in couple and also in solo practices. These are mostly fun erotic games based on the suggestions and answers obtained through thousands of surveys that have taken into account a variety of tastes, interests and personalities.

Kamasutra postures, in this section you will find specifications and exercises to practice to reach positions that give you more pleasure and stimulate your favourite areas.

Tantra sessions, in this section you can reach a more advanced level of intimacy between couples. It involves combining the breathing, and the flow of energy in the body at the time of the sexual act. You will find instructions guide that will subtly remember the rules to follow and reach that nirvana of pleasure.

We also have the section of Self Erotism through which we will know ourselves, we will experience and discover what we like and what cuts the roll, for this we have 3 options.

Games of self-exploration, it is a game roulette that encourages us to know our thresholds of pleasure, depending on your level of sassiness the challenges can be more challenging.

Knowledge Guides, ideal for those users who have reservations when it comes to touching themselves, learning from our body can be challenging but only brings good results.

Among the benefits of orgasm we have: strengthens the
immune system, prevents infections, exercises the muscles of the pelvic floor and prevents dysfunction and incontinence, increases life expectancy, improves the mood, helps to conciliate and improves sleep, in men helps to prevent cancer prostate and in women with menstrual pains.

This section will guide you through audios with steps, strategies and data for a better knowledge of your tastes and for you to enjoy all those benefits.

Erotic stories, the brain is the most important sexual organ. Most respondents say they achieve a higher level of excitement and satisfaction with the help of imagination, this section is for them. In this you can find a series of stories told by actors and actresses with sexual stories and desires where you can imagine and enjoy the situations that arise.

In our section of Store, we will have all your preferences linked. It is an erotic shop, which will always recommend one or two products totally personalised for you.

You can also explore the existing categories, each product brings its specifications, instructions for use and ratings. You will find all kinds of products, from sex toys to silk sheets. The shipments are discreet and immediate with total privacy according to your delivery orders.

Last but not least, the Tips section, where you can read articles on sexuality, benefits of sex, questions and answers and user experiences, in order to expand the knowledge we have about the sexual act and enjoy more of it.



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