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3 min readMay 11, 2021


An app for Staycations in the UAE

This is an enthusiastic project that aims to solve leisure problems within the current pandemic situation we are experiencing.

This start-up is made up of a multidisciplinary team scattered around the world, with different points of view that come together to provide the best solution for the user.

trippal started with a basic flow of booking hotels within The United Arabic Emirates. Pulling information from a HotelBed’s API.

The problem is that there are already other platforms that search for hotels even in a bigger grid. What we want to solve is the lack of personalization and the number of options that required the user's full attention and prolongs the time of the task of looking for a place where for the vacation.

This is how is used to look

To find a solution we create some user testing with the app that we already had designed very roughly to understand where are the pain points when it comes to booking.

We asked questions to over 100 people about the needs and priorities from the moment they think of getting a staycation until they come back from it.

The results guided us to the need of making this process inspiring, personalized and simple

Our efforts started with personalization, the first course of action was to add Moods. Which refers to how do you expect this vacation to go. Making a categorization of all hotels according to this for a shorter list of hotels that provide the state of mind for the traveler.

We did research about the types of personalities people can have and adapted to the moment of their travels. Getting 5 personalities that will also become tags in each hotel to give recommendations accordingly. Creating a test with 7 questions to determine which personality the user belongs to.

According to the personality that you get we will curate recommendations to inspire the user to check hotels to discover and book the next staycation. These recommendations can also be saved in the wishlist for later.

We want to motivate the user to keep booking with trippal, that’s why we have come up with a tokens system that rewards the user when finalized a staycation booked with us, for signing up, referring a friend, and giving feedback. Inspire on Ramadan we also give the option to buy these tokens and give them as a gift to other travel lovers.

Experiences are yet to come, but all these new features are being highly accepted by our sample of users, we need to keep observing the behaviors and keep polishing to make the experience of booking pleasant and accurate.

Download the app and check it out!



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